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It's Faux Easy: It's Learn by Watching

It's Faux Easy the Web site is a progression in an approach to instruction in the art of decorative painting that Gary Lord started several years ago with his single-technique printed instructions. That was followed with the publication in 2007 of It's Faux Easy the book. Now, on this Web site, We have collected all the instructional videos Gary has produced over the years. Each video is available for purchase individually, so it is not necessary to buy a DVD of several to learn just one technique. New videos will be added regularly - the schedule is once a month - so be sure to check back frequently.

Who's WhoGary Lord has been a professional decorative painter and has owned his own decorative painting contracting business, Gary Lord Wall Options and Associates Inc., since 1975. Wall Options specializes in faux painting, marbleizing, wood graining, Venetian plaster, dimensional and embedded techniques, murals, furniture, cabinetry, concrete, metallic foils and hand-made wallpaper finishes. Wall Options has won seven National First Place Awards for the Best Faux Finishing Company in the United States from 2002 to 2006 from both the American Painting Contractor and the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America. Wall Options has also garnered hundreds of first place awards in local and regional home shows over its 35 years in business. In 2007 Gary personally received the honor of being the top choice for Who's Who in faux finishing by the America Painting Contractor. In 2008 Gary was also awarded the Who's Who spot for interior decorative painter by Stratford Business Services.

Gary also owns and operates Prismatic Painting Studio, a decorative painting school that teaches hands-on workshops and classes for the decorative arts. Prismatic Painting Studio has been in business since 1992 and teaches how to faux paint walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, cabinetry, countertops and concrete techniques. Gary has taught thousands of faux painters in a very easy to understand and clear format enabling them to perfect their skills. Gary has also sold over 10,000 VHS and DVD videos showing how to faux paint dozens of different techniques.

It's Faux EasyGary has appeared on over 100 different national television shows as a faux painter and demonstrated a wide variety of paint room finishes. Some of the shows on HGTV were The Carol Duvall Show, Decorating With Style and D.I.Y. On PBS he was a guest on Paint! Paint! Paint!, For Your Home and Paint Paper and Craft. On The Discovery Channel he has appeared on the Christopher Lowell Show and Home Matters.

Gary has also written four best-selling books on decorative painting and mural painting. The books are Great Paint Finishes for a Gorgeous Home, Marvelous Murals You Can Paint, It's Faux Easy, Mural Painting Secrets for Success, and due out in the spring of 2010 is his newest book It's Faux Easy 2. Gary has also written numerous articles on decorative painting for the national magazines The Decorative Artist Workbook, The Faux Finisher, Artisphere, The Decorative Painter, Paint Pro, American Painting Contractor, The Artist Magazine, PWC, Architectural Living, Profiles in Faux, World of Faux among others.

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What others are saying...

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that I just love your book Great Paint Finishes for a Gorgeous Home. I've used your tissue paper technique in my dining room with a dark taupe base and off-white glaze. I love it and so does everyone else. Next, I'll be trying your technique for lightening dark woods. Gary, thank you for your excellent ideas that give beautiful results and allow us to feel like there just may be a bit of an artist lurking deep inside each of us. Keep up the great work!" -P. Creek

"I saw you this morning on television with Cindy Piccoli and have ordered your book. I was so impressed with your presentation and your explanation of how glaze works. No one else I have ever seen on TV has taken the time to tell the viewer just exactly what happens when it is used, and why you use it. Many thanks." -J. Freeze

"Gary - wanted you to know that due to your expertise and finesse at teaching faux finishing techniques, I am now a decorative/faux painter. You were my inspiration and I am now using all of your products to enhance my own home. I am an avid admirer!" -B. LaVack

"Your book Marvelous Murals you can Paint is a treasure. The galleries are inspiring. I've created a castle keep, coral reef, and gardens in our home. I purchased it to guide me through a garden mural and I fell in love with one of your projects." -B. Morency

"I bought your video Marvelous Murals you can Paint Part 1 and just wanted to let you know how much I learned from it. The techniques have helped me a ton!" -H. Short

"Just wanted to thank you for the great techniques you taught in Baltimore this year. My boards from your class looked great, but I was scared to death a client might ask me to do one of the techniques. Well it happened, one of my clients fell in love with "Penny Lane". I was so nervous to try it (your class was the first time I tried a troweled on finish), but I just jumped in head first. I'm happy to say it turned out gorgeous, my client loved it and it was so easy! It was a great money maker, can't wait to try the rest of the techniques you taught." -Terri Barney