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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Content

What is It's Faux Easy?

The It's Faux Easy web site is a unique approach to keeping decorative painting pros informed of new techniques and trends in order to be successful. For decades, Gary Lord has been one of the nation's foremost instructors of the art, demonstrating techniques on television shows, publishing books and producing videos. Now he shares his knowledge through an extensive library of videos, to which he regularly adds, to help you learn new techniques. While certainly no replacement for live, hands on training, the videos available here will give you the basics and help you grow your portfolio and your business.

How does It's Faux Easy work?

Browse the site and watch preview videos of different techniques. When you find videos you want, add them to your shopping cart. When you check out, you will receive a link right away to download the videos you selected. You will get a full-sized video appropriate for viewing on your computer or burning onto a DVD, as well as a smaller sized video for viewing on your iPhone, iPod Video, or other video-compatible smart phone. The videos you purchase also include a printed PDF with each technique step.

What do I need to view the previews on the site?

Because quality of the videos is important to us they are in the .mp4 format, which requires the Quicktime plugin to play in your browser. It is automatically installed by many browsers; however, Internet Explorer does not include it. To install in IE, first download Quicktime from Apple (either the Quicktime player or Windows Media Player will play the downloaded videos). Once downloaded, you'll see the installer on your desktop. Run it and restart your browser. You then should be able to see the video previews on the site.

How often are new techniques added to the new video section?

The current plan is to release one brand new technique each month. Once these are one month old they will be put in the new video archive for one year and then they will move over into the general video section of our Web site. This will allow us to always put up material we think is fresh and current with what the market is looking for within the next year. By checking back each month you can keep your portfolio up to date with the newest trends in decorative painting.

What is in the featured video section?

All new videos that are more than a month old on this site will be moved over to the featured video section. Also Gary has filmed many techniques on VHS and DVD in the past which have been up on his web site and sold nationally but not internationally. We have taken those and made them into a single downloadable format for easy viewing and portability.

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After Your Download

I love the videos but I like things in writing as well. Are there printed directions?

Yes, available with each video is a full written description in PDF format of the technique you just downloaded. This will include a list of all the tools and paint products you will need to complete the specific technique you are viewing.

How do I download one, two or more videos when I want?

Once your order has been successfully processed, you will see a screen with the details of your order and a link for downloading the video and printed instructions. This information also will be emailed to you.

I selected a video but there was a problem when I downloaded.

This almost always is a problem with transmission. Since these are relatively large files, there's a greater chance something will go wrong during download. The speed and quality of your internet connection usually plays a part. If this happens, you can log on to your account (check for the link in the top right corner of any page). Once logged on, the link changes to read 'My Account'. If you click that, you get a page with a link reading 'View my order history'. On that page you will see a list of all orders you've placed. You can view the details of any, where you'll find the links to any videos you've ordered. You may return to this page at any time and download the videos as many times as you wish.

Is there a time limit for viewing a video?

No, once you download from the New or Featured section they are yours to keep.

How long does it take to download a segment and how long in length are they?

Many of the segments run six to seven minutes, while the new videos produced specifically for this site run 13 to 20 minutes. For most dsl or cable internet connections, a download can take 10-20 minutes. Each download includes the PDF instructions, a movie suitable to play on your computer and another sized for an iPhone, iPod Touch or other handheld device.

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