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Pixie Dust

14:16 minutes

This exciting new finish incorporates the use of glass beads and Rhinestones through any stencil of your choice. Combine this with the use of Hologram foil and you have a treatment that will fit in any teenage girls décor.

Tools and materials you'll need to create this effect:

Sample Kit
...has all the materials you'll need
to create a sample of this technique


Pixie Dust Sample Kit

This kit includes the consumable materials necessary to make your own sample of this technique. We do not provide the sample surface to paint on, you have your choice. We also do not provide the tools used, as most of you have them already. If you would like to order tools or larger quantities of the material items, click on them in the list to the left to place your order.

Included with the kit are:
4 oz SetCoat - Taupe
2 oz Golden’s gel medium glass beads
5 sf Metallic Foil Silver Hologram
1/2 oz Faux Crème Color Violet
5 Rhinestone clear beads
1/2 oz YES paste

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